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About Financial Wisdom Personal & Business Content, A Division of SBR

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Financial Wisdom Personal & Business content offers financial institutions flexible content services built on providing financial tools, resources and information for consumers and small business owners. Financial institutions that demonstrate their understanding of the important issues facing consumers and then provide solutions can differentiate themselves and win the battle for the growing financial services business. Financial Wisdom can help in those efforts.

About Small Business Resources (SBR)

Since 1998, SBR has provided innovative marketing solutions to Fortune Companies, and Leading brands. Our services range from content creation, customer engagement and acquisition, and customer loyalty.

Our primary focus is working within the financial / insurance sectors. However, our expertise and methodologies have been extremely effective across a broad range of professional services industries.

We believe that engaging, relevant content should be the core of any interaction with your customer. Whether you are aiming at a new target market or sharing services with an existing customer, your message needs to resonate with your target to be successful.

Our innovative interactive solutions give your company the tools you need to engage in a meaningful, two way dialogue with your existing and potential client bases. If the tools or content you need to reach your business objectives don't already exist, we will build them.

Through both digital and traditional media outlets, SBR creates campaigns to ensure your goals are met on time and on budget. We maximize every touch point available to acquire new customers, increase current customer interaction, and measure your return on investment.

Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to connect with your audience so you can help guide and influence a specific consumer action or purchase decision.

Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more about how our unique programs will give you the tools you need to strategically complement current marketing initiatives as well as credibility, brand awareness and results.

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