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Starting and growing a small business takes a great deal of financial planning. These calculators can help you determine how much capital you need to run a business, calculate inventory turnover, and more.
  • Bad Debt Expense Percentage Calculator - Bad debt expense is the net addition to the allowance for bad debts during your business year. If you do not maintain an allowance account, it would be the amount you write off during that year.
  • Cash Ratio Calculator - The cash ratio is another calculation used to measure liquidity and is more restrictive than the current and quick ratios with a more limited definition of assets used for the numerator of the calculation.
  • Collection Period Calculator - The collection period is simply how long it takes customers to pay for sales on credit.
  • Comparing Loans Calculator - It can be very handy to compare your options when it comes to borrowing. You can use this simple calculator to compare your options.
  • Current Ratio Calculator - The current ratio may be the most common calculation used to measure liquidity.
  • Debts to Assets Ratio Calculator - The debt to assets ratio is one measure of the leverage used in a business and its financial strength.
  • Debt to Equity Ratio Calculator - The debt to equity ratio is a direct comparison of debt to stockholders equity and is the most common measure of capital structure.
  • Tracking Important Financial Ratios and Other Measures - PDF file
  • Gross Margin Percentage Calculator - Gross margin percentage measures the relationship between net sales and cost of goods sold.
  • Interest Coverage Ratio Calculator - The interest coverage ratio measures a company's capacity to meet interest payments.
  • Inventory Turnover Calculator - Inventory turnover is a way to measure how effectively funds invested in inventory are being converted into sales revenue.
  • Quick Ratio Calculator - The quick ratio is another calculation used to measure liquidity and is similar to the current ratio but with more limited definitions of assets and liabilities.
  • Return on Assets Calculator - Return on assets measures a company's ability to use its assets to create profits.
  • Return on Equity Calculator - Return on equity measures the return on the shareholders investment in the business.
  • Return on Sales Calculator - Return on sales or net profit margin measures the net income earned for each dollar of sales.
  • Business Start Up Cost Calculator - Determining how much it would cost to start a business can be complex. Generally, it comes down to making estimates for these three items.
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