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  • Inventory Of Household Belongings - A written or video inventory of the contents of you home can be critical if you ever have to make an insurance claim in case of fire, loss or destruction.
  • Federal Income Tax - Selected Historical Information - Keep a record of our previous Income Tax Historical Information. View this worksheet to see what selected information is recommended.
  • Home Ownership Information - Owning a home requires you to have a number of items that you need to keep track of like your mortgage, insurance, and property tax information. Here is a helpful checklist to use.
  • Monthly Household Spending Worksheet - This helpful checklist assists you in identifying your monthly expenses and can work as a proposed budget.
  • Insurance Policy Information - Know what coverage you have on everyone of your vehicles. This checklist will help you identify the items you need.
  • Locations of Important Papers and Information - Do you know where all of your important papers and information is located? This checklist will help you have a record of where they are.
  • Preparing a Personal Balance Sheet - One of the best ways for an individual to measure financial progress is to periodically prepare a personal balance sheet. Use this sheet to help you get started.
  • Personal Contact Information - It is always good to have a handy list of Personal Contacts such as Insurance Agents, Bankers, Accountants, etc. Use this list to help you create your list.
  • Retirement Plan Information - Use this handy checklist to get a handle on your retirement plan values and contributions.
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